Wednesday, March 10, 2010

“Warp Factor II” by Montana

Today’s disco discovery: the funky, jazzed-up disco classic “Warp Factor II” from the terrific album A Dance Fantasy Inspired By Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (Atlantic, 1978) by Montana.

Produced, Arranged and Conducted by Vincent Montana, Jr. Vincent Montana, Jr.: percussion, vibraharp, tympani, bells. Keith Errol Benson, Allan Schwartzberg: drums. Jimmy De Julio, Neil Jason, James L. Williams: bass. Bobby Eli, Norman Harris, Ron James: guitars. Cotton Kent, Ron Kersey: keyboards. Larry Washington: conga. Bill O’Brien: synthesizer. Don Renaldo, Christine Reeves, Rudolph Malizia, Charles Appolonia, Charles Parker, Leonore Wolaniuk, Diane Barnett: violin. Anthony Sinagoga, Davis Barnett: viola. Richard Amoroso: cello. Walter Dewey Pfeil: harp. Jack Faith: flute, piccolo, tenor sax. Joseph De Angelis: French horn; Rocco Bene, Even Solot, Joseph Cataldo: trumpets. Roger De Lillo, Robert Moore, Richard Genovese: trombones. Edmund Moore. Recorded at the famed Sigma Sound Studios, Philadelphia, Pa. “A Tom Moulton Mix”!

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