Sunday, June 06, 2010

“Pow Pow Pow” by Capricorn

Today’s disco discovery: After Claudio Simonetti left Goblin (Profondo Rosso, Suspiria) in 1978, he went on to write and produce a number of great disco tracks for Easy Going, Vivien Vee, Kasso, David Zed and Capricorn. He also had disco songs like “I Love The Piano” issued under his own name too.

While he abandoned disco completely in 1984, Claudio Simonetti produced a great and truly memorable body of work that is almost unknown by most Goblin fans and disco lovers today. Most likely, Capricorn was a studio concoction. But in its brief life, it produced such dance floor hits as “Capricorn” (1980) and one of my favorites of all time, “I Need Love” (1984).

“Pow Pow Pow” is a news to me. Apparently issued on the Emergency label in the U.S. in 1981 – on a 12-inch backed by (producer) G. Meo and (writer/arranger/keyboardist) C. Simonetti's tune “Maybe No” – “Pow Pow Pow” is an adventurous number in that great old Commodores' groove written by Van Patterson (bassist on “Every Day, Every Night” and “Casanova” from the final Easy Going album, the previous year’s Casanova). It gets its glorious arrangement and some exciting keyboard work from the great Claudio Simonetti.

I will post some Vivien Vee, Kasso and the brilliant “I Need Love” later. But, please read my earlier Claudio Simonetti posting for more information and enjoy "Pow Pow Pow" for now, now, now.

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Anonymous said...

Nice post! I'm a huge fan of Claudio. Did you know there is a sample of pow pow pow on The Best Of Easy Going LP released on Delirium Records 1983?