Wednesday, June 02, 2010

“I2I” by Tevin Campbell and Rosie Gaines

While I’ve always been a huge Tevin Campbell fan, I never even knew this one existed. It’s a great little pop song from the 1995 film A Goofy Movie (Disney). The exceptionally catchy little number, written by Patrcik DeRember and Roy Freeland, is performed magically by the beautifully talented Tevin Campbell with former NPG (Prince) belter Rosie Gaines (remember, Tevin’s first big song, “Round and Round” came courtesy of Prince too).


I got myself a notion
And one I know that you’ll understand
To set the world in motion
By reaching out for each other’s hand
And maybe we’ll discover
What we should have known all along
One way or another
Together’s where we both belong

If we listen to each other’s heart
We'll find we're never too far apart
And maybe love is the reason why
For the first time ever we're seeing it eye to eye

If a wall should come between us
Too high to climb
Too hard to break through
I know that love will lead us
And find a way to bring me to you
So don’t be in a hurry
Think before you count us out
You don’t have to worry
I will never let you down
(Nothing’s gonna stop us now)

If you’re ever lonely, stop
You don’t have to be
After all, it’s only a beat away from you to me
(Take a look in side and see)

This song can be searched in many iterations on YouTube as it is sung: “Eye to Eye,” directly from the soundtrack and in a pretty nicely done video used for a high school class theme song. Whatever the title or whatever the presentation, it’s a pleasure to hear "I2I" over and over again.

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