Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"212 N. 12th" by The Salsoul Orchestra

Today's disco discovery: This great instrumental comes from the 1979 Salsoul Orchestra album Street Sense. It's also featured on the criminally out-of-print CD The Salsoul Orchestra Anthology too.

Vincent Montana, Jr, had already left the group by this point to form his own disco unit, Montana. So the group was turned over to the great DJ/mixer/producer Tom Moulton and arranger/composer Thor Baldursson, who helped fashion so much of Giorgio Moroder's music and would shortly go onto work with Elton John.

Baldursson and Moulton are credited as the song's composers and, together, they craft an effectively TSOP soulful groove with something that hints at the great joys Eurodisco was providing at the time.

Truly, a joy - and one that has already been discovered and sampled by David Mancuso and Danny Krivit.

For the record, 212 N. 12th is the street address of the famed Sigma Sounds studio in Philadelphia where so much great music - like this - has been laid down.

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professor Eddy said...

And the MFSB guys play on it. Nice post!