Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Random Muses: Opinions

The great thing about blogs is that anybody can say what they think. The worst part about blogs is that anybody can say what they think.

One of the more disturbing posts I’ve read recently is from a Henry Mancini fan at the Film Score Monthly general discussion board. (Ha – thought I was going to say something about Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin, huh?)

While ahem (a member) makes a generally valid point that Henry Mancini has an absolutely divided set of fans and/or listeners - like so many composers spanning more than one particular musical genre – this individual has apparently labored for "years" under the "frustration" that more people (presumably blog posters) don’t discuss this particular composer’s full body of work. How absurd is this?

I am a huge Henry Mancini fan, as many of my own posts will confirm. And I like many facets of this composer’s work…as I am sure many, many, many other people do. What is this person looking for? Written confirmation of his own thoughts that he is clearly unable to express? Proof that his lack of erudition equals a lack of discussion? Everybody should love whatever it is he loves?

Holding other people accountable for your own opinions about things is just unwarranted and wrong. This leads to the kind of thinking that makes a Glenn Beck or a Sarah Palin whatever the hell they are.

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marilyn said...

Hi Doug
Really enjoyed your blog on
Opinions and totaly agree with your
opinion. I think that people who only criticize have small minds
nothing of important to say this is how they get noticed.
You have proven your self and
knowledge every time you post and your well respected in the Industry. I read Sound Insights daily and have never been disappointed. Keep up the good work
Doug we need you. Marilyn