Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Honestly, Who Cares About Sarah Palin?

As a marketing person, I can understand publicity, yada, yada, yada. But ANY coverage of Sarah Palin is beyond ridiculous. Does anybody really care?

Even if you're more to the right than I am, how can you possibly take this stuff seriously?

As John Cleese once said, “Sorry, Michael, you’re not the funniest Palin anymore.” Why won’t this non-entity just go away?

And what's up with this bizarro cover on this week's Newsweek???


Dr. Frank Lippenheimer said...

I like Sarah Palin. I like her honesty and I like her policy positions on a broad range of issues.

What amazes me is all of the emotional & irrational animosity towards her that we see on the left. I guess she must just threatens the bejezzus out of them.

To me, most of what she has to say makes a lot of sense. And I notice that the people who despise her never engage her on the substance, but, rather, suffice to attack her on her looks, her accent, her lack of a Harvard sheepskin, etc. etc.

And then there are the brutal sleazy attacks on her children! I mean, how low can they go?

The Clintons used to go on about "The politics of personal destruction" -- this viscerally hateful smear campaign against Sarah Palin would seem to satisfy that concept perfectly.

But anyway, I was looking for some music ...

Anonymous said...

At any moment Sarah Palin will jump in with pointless Obervations.

marilyn said...

Everyone has the right to be Stupid, but Palin is Abusing the
Privilege. Marpet