Monday, December 14, 2009

Why Is Everybody Picking On Tiger Woods?

First, I do not follow any sort of sports-related news. I don’t even like any sort of sport – especially golf. Second, I am not much for celebrity gossip. So why is it that I have to read all sorts of judgmental crap taking golfer Tiger Woods to task for something(s) he may or may not have done outside of golf?

How ridiculous is this? Who really cares? Do people really care about whatever indiscretion this so-called “good guy” may have committed? Did he kill someone? Did he hurt you?

Did he offend you personally? Quite frankly the only thing Tiger Woods did to offend me was to promote Buicks. Anyone would know this guy would never believably want to be in a Buick. And didn’t he get caught in this melee in some sort of Cadillac SUV? Ok – argue all you want that GM makes both…but no celebrity drives a Buick, especially not Tiger Woods.

Did you raise your son or daughter to be like this guy only to find out he is human and has human needs, feelings and a right to privacy that every one of us seem to expect when the crap is hitting their particular fan?

I guess people who think like this – journalists, fans, hangers-on, people raising their own kids to be the next Tiger – think or used to think that Tiger Woods has the sun shining out his ass. Sure, his shit don’t smell. Come on, people. Get real.

Who are you to judge anything about anybody who has achieved anything? And, who are you to care so much about what a celebrity does in his spare time? Who did this guy kill? Your stupid over-inflated perception of him! Is that his fault? Jeeze. That balloon was bound to burst.

The media and its tabloid-hungry audience (whoever is to blame here would never take credit for it anyway) really need to get a grip here. This is ridiculous. Poor Tiger is way beyond a request for privacy. He needs an apology from the collective crap that has put him through this media ordeal since his “life threatening” accident (which wasn’t) to this career-threatening accident (which, unfortunately, is).

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